Studentfilm 2015 awards winners with 2 x 1000 euros


The Studentfilm is a student's movie competition that takes place each year as a part of the Autumn Days to present and praise the best young filmmakers and their creation. 

All students are welcome to present their work; the competition is divided into two groups: film students and film enthusiasts. There are no genre limitation. 

Film students - Participants of different professional video schools (BFM, EKA Animations etc).

Film enthusiasts -
Students who make movies as a hobby with no professional education.

To participate, please note the following rules:

* You must read and agree to the reglement
* Film must not be longer than 20 minutes

* The film must have a trailer that is not longer than 10 seconds

* The deadline is October 7nd, 2015.

Please also fill in the registration form and send it to or to Ülikooli Kultuuriklubi, Kalevi 24, 51010, Tartu on digital storage media. 

The finalists are premiered on the 16th October at 18:30 in Cinamon cinema, where are professional jury will determinate the laureates in both categories. The Grand Prize, 2 x 1000 EUR is given out by Swedbank, in addition to the audience's favorite and other special prizes. 

In addition - As a prequel to the Studentfilm and a part of the Autumn Days everybody can also enjoy the Student Film Programme by Cinamon, which presents both local and international films made by students world wide. 

Should you have additional inquiries, do not hesitate to contact Elina:

+372 51 15 420.

Action! Let the cameras roll!

Suured Sõbrad:

See you at the festival!