Test your engineer skills and fly in KARSUMM


Karsumm is an event for adventurous type people – the kind that like adrenaline and aren’t afraid to get a bit wet. It also suits for people who like to create things with their own hands.

Karsumm is a fun competition, where articipants must do it with their own-built plane-type vehicle. Whoever gets to the other side is the first one that has ever done it in the history of Karsumm. (No worries, we would not leave you into trouble and you will land safely into the water!)

The potential experience that can be gained from Karsumm is huge and the prizepool is even bigger.


Prizes for the best amateur pilots include:
* an awesome flight in a real helicopter
* a hot tub rental for a night 
* 100 euros in bar credit for Shooters
* banana boating in Pärnu
* a visit to Tartu Adventure Park


To help you build your plane, Swedbank has put out two scholarships, 75€ each.

To apply for the scholarship and to take part of Karsumm:

* read the rules of the event (read them with an Estonian friend!): Karsumm_Reglement_TKP2015.pdf

* form a team and let your ideas fly

* send your sketch to osalen@studentdays.ee by 23th of April.


The event waits for you on 3rd of May at 13.00 on the shores of Emajõgi. Make sure to invite your friends over Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/347810058742891/

In case of any questions write to Elina by mail elina@studentdays.ee 


Suured Sõbrad:

See you at the festival!