What Can One Do with One Night in Hektor Design Hostel


A Hostel with a Lot of Perks

You know the feeling when you find out you get to go somewhere exciting, and you make big plans about what will you do when you get there? Well, me, Villem, Meeli, Mariella, and Rihard got praised by our team, and we got a chance to spend the night in the most youthful hostel in Tartu - Hektor Design Hostel. Since we heard that there’s a gym, sauna, and a library in the hostel, and as a bonus, a movie night in the hostel lounge the night when we will be staying there, our thoughts run wild. Villem even said that he will come to the hostel at 14.00, right when the check-in starts. “Wow, I haven’t been to the gym a while. I get to workout and even relax a bit, and maybe hit the sauna before you guys will get there.”, he stated. Others were equally as excited so all of us packed our workout clothes and some pajamas for the movie night.

Gym and Sauna in a Hostel? Let's Go!

You know what really happened when we got to Hektor? Well, firstly, none of us got there before 18.00. Life got in the way, and our relaxing session had to be postponed til the evening. Luckily, the hostel’s staff was really understanding and even helped us figure out which one of us is going to stay in which room. So we left our stuff in our rooms and went for a little tour in the hostel. The house itself is huge but lucky there are elevators and directions on the walls. We found the gym and sauna with just a bit of wandering. But we didn’t really mind it, the design of the hostel is just amazing. Modern mixed with Scandinavian. Flawless. Since we were feeling a bit peckish we decided to have a small meal before our intense gym and sauna session.

The was on the ground floor of the hostel and had everything you need for a good workout.

The sauna was roomy enough to fit us all. We tested.

Comfy Beds and a Photoshoot

As we got back to our rooms, we just sank in those comfy beds and started talking. It turned out that Rihard and Villem desperately need a new profile picture for their Facebook page. Since I had my camera with me, we decided that’s what we are going to do with our time in that luxurious looking hostel. We just had to take advantage of those wooden walls. We knew they are going to make a fabulous background scene.

Our hostel room had a kitchen corner so it was really comfortable to put potato chips in a bowl.

The walls that made it all happen.

A Hostel with Perfect Lamps and a Scenery 

First one up was Rihard. He was a bit shy but since Villem was creating so flawless lighting solutions with the lamps in the room, he soon felt like a model and we made literally like 300 pictures of him. We tried out different locations, and Villem played with the lights like a master. At one point we were in such an awkward position I was actually taking shots of Rihard under Villem’s crotch. Meeli got a good Snapchat out of it. But it’s too embarrassing to share. Why am I talking about it then? Although he had many pictures to choose from, we all agreed the one he chose was perfect.

Rihard's new Facebook profile picture.

Villem was feeling a lot more confident a said it would only take a minute to get a good picture of him. Which was partly true, I guess, because we got the picture of him pretty fast and we didn't need any extra lighting solutions. 

And the one that Villem chose. 

After the photoshoot we were all so tired we didn’t even think about going anywhere. We just sat there and talked about everything and nothing til the city started to wake up and we remembered that we have a life out from that hostel in the center of Tartu. At that point, we decided to go to sleep and soon woke up to eat some yummy breakfast. There was something for everyone, even the vegans left with a full stomach.

Hektor Cafe. The place that serves one of the best cups of coffee in Tartu.

Looking for a hostel in Tartu? You found a pretty good one

In conclusion, Hektor, it’s lamps, wooden walls, and an altogether nice scenery was a perfect place to have a photoshoot and probably sleep too if you are looking for that kind of stuff in a hostel. The gym had all the necessary equipment for an effective workout session. The library was filled with interesting books and as a nice touch, there was some in our rooms, too. The sauna seemed to be always hot. The shower pressure was perfect. The rooms were full of light (and lamps that you can use for photoshoot lighting solutions). It was nice and quiet and the walls were thick enough for us to chat all night and not to bother anyone. It’s the place to spend the night if you are looking for a cheap hostel in Tartu that has a lot of style and perks. 5/5 would recommend to a friend.

Some more pictures

One of the rooms that room that sheltered us. 

Nooo... those aren't our potato chip crumbs...

The whiz place.

The shower that made me a human again after a night with no sleep.

You can even do your laundry in the hostel!

Another angle from our room.

The lamps that made it all possible.

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