Bog hike in Meenikunno

3 Wednesday 20 September
Meenikunno bog
Agape Estonia
Tõnis Valk,
If you are one of those people, who would like to escape the city life for one evening and go into the nature, you are very welcome to join the bog hike! We will take a little trip from Tartu to Põlva County where we will have a 5,8 kilometers long walk on the hiking trail of the Meenikunno bog. For keener nature lovers, there are 13 points with information about the surrounding bog and forest. There is also a watchtower. When we have finished walking, we will end the hike nicely with sandwiches, hot tea and something sweet. These things will be bought by the organizers, so that you won’t have to make your backpack heavier and will be able to enjoy the hike.

We will be back in Tartu no later than 10 PM. The participation fee is 7 euros, for students 5. This includes both, transport and food. The trip starts on 20 th of September from Circle K (Turu 6) at 4 PM.

NB! The number of places is limited! The registration will end on 18 th of September at 12.00 at midday and will take effect after the payment of the participation fee. Otherwise, there will be no place reserved for you. If you decide not to come, we will not return the money, because we have probably already made some spending counting on your participation.

Registration: Further information:, 56220023, Tõnis Valk.