EscapeCity vol5!

3 Thursday 27 september
Tartu, more info directly before the competition
Tartu becomes a big Escape Room!
EscapeTartu organizes city orienteering/escape room game called EscapeCity vol5!
How to participate and play?
- 27.09.2018 at 15:30 we upload a hint on our Facebook page. From This post You get a 1st hint about the start location of the game
- From start location You will get a paper, with multiple tasks. Each completed task gives you a location of "Escape room station"
- There are multiple "Escape room points" in the City. If You find a station then a person gives you sticker and You can move on
- 3 fastest groups who will find all the stations will get EscapeTartu gift card as a award ( 1 card per group )
- All the participants will get rewarded with surprises from our partners
- Group size: 1-5 persons
- Smartphone with internet us needed!
- Event is for free
- Event is also in English!