Farmer Simulator

4 Thursday 27 April
Town Hall Square
Ülikooli Kultuuriklubi
Hedvig Liblikas,

Do you think that there is a hidden spirit from a countryside in you and you think about you as a person who loves challenges and is always ready to try something extreme? Grab two of your friends and challenge yourselves in an obstacle course, which will be exclusively in the centre of Tartu for two beautiful April-hours. You won’t miss a good laugh, because all the tasks are made through humour. In addition to humour you will actually find a cow to milk; some potatoes to make porridge from and some tasks you need your brain and some, which will be exceeded by showing your muscles. As proper countrymen at home, the contestants should also be ready to get a bit wet and dirty. Knowing the students in Tartu, they never give up on these tasks. If you and your best friends want to prove, that you are ready to change from excellent student to real “Uncle Heino”, then this is your contest! Team with the best costume will be awarded and every contestant will have some new skills, good mood and amazing memories after Farmer Simulator.

Registration at from 10th of April.