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Over the city
Ülikooli Kultuuriklubi
Teve Rajamets, trajamets@gmail.com, 56 249 014

We’ve all been there - it’s 1AM and you’re on your old classmate’s nephew’s brother’s Instagram. Or you’ve reached the point of no return in your crush’s page and accidentally like a photo they posted five years ago. If either of these sentences sound familiar to you, boy do we have an offer for you!

It is once again time to determine, who is Tartu’s Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew! In the most nerve-wracking week of this spring you will have to put all your stalking skills to work in real life and take part in “HItman”, the role-playing game that will eat up all of Tartu.

In the beginning, every participant will receive a name and a plethora of hints. During this week, you will have to track this person down and take them down with a water gun or a spoon. Do this and you receive the name of your next victim from the poor soul you just tracked down and eliminated. When all other participants have been eliminated and you stand alone, you will be crowned the Hitman! Extra excitement comes from additional sidemissions, which may grant prizes on the side.