3 Wednesday 20 September
Over the city
Ülikooli Kultuuriklubi
Selena Jõesuu, sjoesuu@gmail.com
Are you ready for the most exciting week of your life? You have one target and one chance - you need to find your target and get him/her out of the game! Are you ready to find out, what your target eats for breakfast? What lectures he/she listens to on daytime and is he/she really at school or can you find your target drinking beer in Möku instead? Is your target boiling the cheapest noodles or is he/she having dinner in Hesburger instead? It’s time to find out Tartu’s own Sherlock Holmes! Hitman is really fun and exciting role-play, which will make all Tartu connected. In the beginning of the game, every contestant gets someone’s name and the goal is to find that person from Tartu. If you see your victim in front of you, then it’s time to eliminate him/her with a water-gun. One down and you are going to have another name to eliminate to become one step closer to Hitman’t champion. You will be the winner, when all the contestants (except you), are drying their wet shirts on dormitory’s cold radiator. Game lasts all week and registration starts onwww.studentdays.ee from 4th of September.