1 Tuesday 25 september
Tartu city
Tomi-Andre Piirmets, tomi@sk100.ee
The streets of Tartu are not safe for strolling during the Student Days Festival. Serial killers equipped with spoons are on the loose and tracking down their targets. Hitman is an event where a regular well-behaving citizen can try the career of a serial killer. The game begins with getting a name of the target for the participant to eliminate. You will also get some hints about your target. You have exactly one week to find that person in Tartu and eliminate the target with either a water pistol or a spoon, after which you will get a new target name from your victim. If all the participants besides you are out of the game, you will be crowned as the winner of Hitman. Additional missions spice up the game and you have the chance to win extra prizes. Enlist your name and become the infamous stalker of the university town!

Register at: https://hitman.ee/