Photohunt at the Museums

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Museums of University of Tartu
Eesti Füüsikaüliõpilaste Selts
Helen Asuküla,
Awaken the primal hunting instinct within yourself and hunt for the best photos in the mysterious and exciting University of Tartu museums! The greatest trophy you can catch in the photohunt is a photo that precisely and humorously fulfils the given assignment. Of course, your prey will also be new knowledge, good mood, and time nicely spent with your friends.

Put together a team of 2-5 members and, equipped with a camera, visit five University of Tartu museums - Natural History Museum, Tartu Cathedral, Old Observatory, Art Museum, and Botanical Garden. In each of the museums you can search for photo opportunities that satisfy the given assignments, which demands resourcefulness and creativity - this is not just a search for facts! All photos must contain at least half of the team members and points are given for accuracy and humor. Best photos are uploaded to the event’s Facebook page (with permission from the teams).

To register, please write the name of your team on the event’s Facebook page before 9:57 am on April 30th. At 10:00 am the assignments will be uploaded to the event’s page. Then you can go and capture your solutions at a time of your choosing. You can even divide going to the museums up between several days, and last but not least - the University of Tartu museums are FREE OF CHARGE to all students of the University of Tartu. Others must buy the museums entrance tickets.

When you have visited all the museums, send your photos to the email and make sure to write “museum” and your team’s name in the topic. The photos must be sent before 2:00 pm on May 6th!

Three best teams will be rewarded and the first place will receive the grand prize. You can also hope for special rewards for especially clever and/or funny photos.

Teams that are late with registering can also participate in the photohunt, but they cannot win the grand prize.

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