Poetry Freedom

2 Tuesday 19 September
Fahrenheit 451 bookstore, Kastani 42
Ülikooli Kultuuriklubi
Joanna Laast, jlaast@gmail.com
Poetry Freedom has moved to the middle of a bunch of books and awaits all of you creative types, who have a notebook in the drawer of their desk or under their mattress, that has a haiku, a sonnet or a pastorale in it. Even if there is no notebook and the only place your lyrics lie is your head, be there! The Fahrenheit 451 reading room is filled to the brim with many kinds of prose, Artur Alliksaar and Anna Haava look back at you from the shelf and from inbetween them, old masters Kaplinski and Kross peek as well. Alongside all of these great names of literature there is some space left for an audience, who we await longingly, to come and listen, check out and enjoy. If all of this made your heart beat a bit faster, drop us a line at osalen@studentdays.ee by the 14th of September, throw in a small preview of your original content and a couple of sentences about yourself!