Silent Disco ft. Dance Marathon

6 Neljapäev 3 mai
Arhiiv, Vanemuise 19
Ülikooli Kultuuriklubi
Helen Kruusi, 56260100,
The tinnitus you got from the last Retro is still bothering you come Friday. Someone is rubbing on you and the floor of the club is covered in sweat. This is no doubt a familiar sight for many students. Be like Lara Croft and come party using headphones. Raving all night long like a true marathon dancer? Sounds like an excellent chance to release your inner Jaan Tätte jr. and check out the wood bark and heat up one spring evening at the loudest silent disco in town! In addition we offer the chance for the largest dance fanatics to put yourselves to the test and participate in the Dance Marathon, where the person, who dances the longest, will be the victor!