Songbattle and Student Days Karaoke

3 Wednesday 26 April
Tartu Student Club, Kalevi 24
Ülikooli Kultuuriklubi
Sandra Kaldasaun,

If you remember at least 100 different songs with every word in ÕS, then be there, because you are definitely going to shine on that. Even more important in Songbattle than singing skills is that how many songs can you remember with a keyword. Compeating teams will sing songs with given words or phrases alternately until one team doesn’t have anymore songs. All teams will have singers, who will happily help to sing in difficult situations.

Karaoke doesn’t need any further introduction - just come and sing from the bottom of your heart even when you really can’t hold a rhythm! Our ears have heard everything. Spend an amazing night with your friends and with the best songs. Your karaoke-skills doesn’t have to be heard only in Sweden cruise ship.