Students' cup "FIFA 2018"

3 Thursday 27 september
Institute of Computer Science, Ülikooli 17
Alfred Kraft,
2018 is the year of the World Cup, so we decided to celebrate that with a tournament of our own - PlayStation 4 FIFA tournament. All competitors are divided into groups with a minimum number of 4 players. In the first stage of the tournament, every player will play one game with everyone in their group. In the event of victory, the player will earn 3 points, tie is worth 1 point and 0 points in case of a loss. If two or more players earn same amount of points, then the winner is decided by:

1. The result of their own game
2. Total number of goals

The two best players from each group will go on to the finals. In the finals, if you lose then you are out of the competition. In case of tie, players will play in the golden goal match.

Pre-registration is needed. The number of participants is limited. You can pre-register from 09.09.2018 to 25.09.2018. To register You have to send an e-mail to