Trash Sorting Competition - CANCELLED!

3 Thursday 27 september
Keskpark/ suure paduvihmaga Tiigi 14
Anna-Liisa Piirmann, 
Hey, environment loving student!

AIESEC in Tartu is organising a Trash Sorting Competition for both the most committed recyclers and those who wish to get more knowledge about how to sort your trash. Come and test yourself with your team and let’s move together towards a greener society!

Event is meant for 8 teams each up to 4 members. You can participate alone or even better bring your friends.
You can sign up here:

NB! If your team cannot participate in the competition, please notify us ASAP on the following email:

Also don’t worry – we wont make you rummage through trash cans. Most of the trash will be clean but just in case we will provide you with gloves. Make sure you bring good vibes and comfy clothes.

In the case of heavy rain we will hold the event in Tiigi 14 in AIESEC’s Office.