Wall stencil painting workshop

1 Laupäev 28 aprill
Stencilit studio, Kastani 42
Stencilit OÜ
Merili Sulg, info@stencilit.co
Stencilit team is made up of young designers of the new era who love an innovative approach to stand out from the crowd. Stencilit creates wall stencils for decorating your home or rented space! For that you need to take a stencil, some paint and paint roller in your hand! Choose your color, Stencilit wall stencil pattern and paint yourself a cool wall! Stencilit is focusing on people who love home decorating and Do-It-Yourself projects (DIY). During student days we have prepared our studio walls in Aparaaditehas - ready for pattern painting and we are waiting for young people to come and take part of this fun workshop!

Pre-registration is available on Facebook from the 14th of April until 28th of April. More information coming soon.