15€ team

Pub Crawl

Tartu Student Days

  • Town Hall Square
  • 02.05.2024
  • 17:00

Want to go out with your friends in the evening but also reach your step goal of the day? Look no further – Pub Crawl is just the thing for you! You can run between bars, solve fun tasks at each point, and, of course, enjoy a good amount of liquor. The topic of Pub Crawl this spring is SPORTS DAY – so put on your best sporty outfit, warm up your muscles and get ready for a sporty evening filled with fun tasks and lots of beverages.

  • Competition takes place in teams of 3 people. Age limit is 18+ (bring a valid ID card, passport, or driver's license with you).
  • Registration opens on the 12th of April at 6PM, the registration form is open for 72 hours. After that Pub Crawl teams will be randomly drawn from all teams who registered.
  • Participation fee of 15€ will be paid on the event site in cash.
  • You can bring along your own water bottle, which can be refilled in bars.
  • Participants gather on the 2nd of May at 4:30PM at Town Hall square. Expected end of the event is at 8:30PM.


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Where to come?



Pub Crawl will take place on 02.05.2024, starting at 17:00 in Raekoja Plats. The event lasts approximately 3 hours, starting and finishing at the Town Hall Square.


Registration for the event begins on the 12th of April 18:00 on Tartu Studendays’ website. Registration is open for 72 hours after which the teams will be drawn randomly.

The participation fee is 15 (fifteen) euros per team and it is paid on the spot in cash.

On-site registration confirmation starts at 16:30. The team must be present at least 15 minutes before the start time assigned to them.

One team consists of three members.


All contestants must be at least 18 years of age and cannot be intoxicated at the start of the competition.


  • Contestants are not allowed to use any aid in solving tasks (e.g. smartphones, laptops etc.).
  • All the checkpoints must be completed in the order given by the organizers. If the order is not followed as given, the team will be sent back to the right checkpoint. There are organizers in every checkpoint, who will explain the tasks the team must complete.
  • While crossing the road, teams must follow the traffic regulations and must wait for the green light. Ignoring this rule will result in point reductions. All other public laws apply.
  • The official finish time will be that of the last person in the team to arrive at the finish at Town Hall Square. It’s also where the award ceremony will take place afterwards.
  • If the team believes that their course time was increased due to factors beyond their control, they can prove it by filming.
  • Team members may not go to the store to buy a drink in the middle of the competition.
  • The winner will be selected based on the points collected during solving the tasks and the time in which the track was completed. If two teams have the same amount of points, then the team with the better time wins.
  • By registering to the event the contestants agree to being photographed at the event.


The organizers of Pub Crawl reserve the right to modify the rules and terms of the contest. All participants will be notified of the changes before the start of the competition.