Afro Tallinn Beat @Genklubi

27.04.2019 22:00 - 02:00
Afro Tallinn Beat @Genklubi
5 / 7 €

Attention, student, 27th of April, Afro Tallinn Beat Orchestra aka ATBO is on their way to the legendary Genialistide Klubito perform in Tartu at Student Days!

ATBO – is international live AFROBEAT & FUNK project, that was born in capital city of Estonia and based on common love to the music of Fela Kuti, greatest of its genre. Musicians, who will perform on the stage, have earlier participated in such bands as Estrada Orchestra, Uebanda, The Jingles and others projects from Estonia & not only.

The artwork of visual support and after-party DJ set are provided by Aleksander Bachman aka KASHEL, one of those great historical residents of Genklubi, whose heart is still young and spirit is full of power!

Genialistide Klubi, Magasini 5, Tartu


Afro Tallinn Beat

Migel Morales