Game of senses

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21.09.2020 19:00
4 €

Are you tired of quizzes that tickle your brain but not much else? You study the question, mull over the answers, debate it with teammates and then scribble something down? Maybe chew on your pencil a little and pat your partner on the shoulder when you get it right. But what if you could engage all of your five senses to find the correct answer? That is exactly what we are offering!

We present to you the Game of Senses , where every participant can put their senses to the test. Recognize different smells and flavours, figure out what are you hearing and touching and what is in the picture. Who knows maybe you will even discover your sixth sense?

The game will take place on Monday, September 21 at 19.00 in EÜS Põhjala at Jakobi 23. The game takes place in teams of 3-4 members. The participation fee is 1 € per person. Registration starts on 1 September at 18.00. Link ( There are limited number of places.


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EÜS Põhjala

Gerli Liloson



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