Nerd Quiz!

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16.09.2019 20:00
Nerd Quiz!

Can you name all the Star Trek shows?
Can you name the classic video games just by the soundtrack?
Can you name all the horror movies directed by Rob Zombie?
Can you name the differences between the Game Of Thrones tv show and the A Song of Ice and Fire books?
Do you know what kaiju means?

Do you know all these things, but are afraid to brag about them? Maybe you’ll think that your friends will think of you as a NEEERD? Have no fear, this is the event for you! Grab your friends(max 5 people in a team) and come to Arhiiv, where there will be a quiz on nerdy pop culture! The topics will be science fiction, fantasy, horror, anime, video games , books, movies, tv-shows, music and combinations of all of the above!

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Kristjan Sirge, Raul Mäesalu

Kristjan Sirge