Pillow fight

Adventure and Sport
30.07.2021 16:00 - 17:00
Pillow fight

Never was i accepted

to military school

so now you’ll be invited

to a pillow fighting duel


throw them once or throw them twice

I will always miss

pillows are my biggest vice

but pillow fights are bliss


WANTED: former, current or future pillow fight badass!

Come and test your aim, strength and durability. Show the opponents who’s the true boss of pillow fighting in town!


👉The competition takes place in teams of 4 people. 

👉Register here: www.studentdays.ee  (you can register alone or in a team)


NB! Pillowfight is the perfect sport for those of us who have never been able to catch a ball. 

Vabaduse puiestee


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Mariann Märtin



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