Speed Challenge

Knowledge and Social-life
21.09.2020 16:00 - 18:00
Speed Challenge

There are tons of puzzles but only so little time. Know the feeling? Come and show us that your team is the fastest and brightest to solve the tasks in front of them.

We are looking for the cleverest team of up to three students. The group has to solve as many assignments as possible in an hour. If you feel like your team has what it takes, sign up here: https://startupdayfest.typeform.com/to/CjxtPalI

⚡ You will be granted access to the tasks of the Speed Challenge at the event
⚡ Whether you’re studying IT, Finnish or to be a dentist – we have tasks for all!
⚡ You have 60 minutes to solve the assignments
⚡ Tasks have different levels of difficulty and are worth a different amount of points (every team gets to choose which puzzles they want to solve)
⚡ The tasks are in English
⚡ The team who collects the most points, wins!

Prizes are given out by sTARTUp Day and University of Tartu.

⚡This event is organised by sTARTUp Day & UT Startup Lab

Narva mnt 18, tartu


UT Startup Lab and sTARTUp Day

Andres Vaher



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