ESN Tartu Quiz Night

International Knowledge and Social-life
26.09.2022 20:00
ESN Tartu Quiz Night
(paid in cash on the spot) For one team 5 €


As the school year starts and everyone is figuring out their courses and exploring the city, It’s time to experience one of the most crucial part of student life – socializing.

Do not forget to mark red on the calendar from the 26th to the 30th of September and attend the Students day event. The event has a lot to offer so you can adventure and find someone to mingle with. ESN is making their own contribution with the Quiz Night!

It’s a great opportunity to meet people with not only the same interests but with the same point of view.

There will be 3 rounds with 10 quizzes on topis such as music, movie, traditions, geography etc.

The Quiz will be taking place in Gen club, at 20:00.

If you are interested please fill in the following form by 24.09.



ESN Tartu

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